Mountain of Rocks

Among the mountains, tall with their peaks
Are small mountains of rocks
Surrounded by rivers and streams
They go unnoticed, as the mountains stand high
Withstanding most natural disasters
But often: Avalanche!
Residual rocks
and dirt and dust
crumble a
cross the

are built
of these rocks
You and I were
made to fall apart over
and over and then build ourselves back up again
Falling back into place, each time stronger

The dirt and rubble piles high over time
At first, just appearing
as small piles of rocks

But what the wild notices is different
than mere human recognition
Nature knows better:
Those small piles of rocks
Become mountains over time

Watch what happens in the wild over time
With rocks like that strength gathers
and moves rocks into mountains
Moving mountains is hard
Try building one from
A mountain of rocks
It’s worth the wait of nature

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